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Automatic Aluminium Bi Folding doors for Commercial Entrances, High Street shops, schools, colleges and any entrance that needs a wider walk through width but has a narrower opening size.

The safest, tougest automatic and manual aluminium doors for commercial premises

Automatic Bi Folding doors solve a number of problems for entrance areas that are otherwise restricted on space. They are available as either a single with only two moving and folding door leaves or as a double with four moving folding door leaves.


The reason they are great for creating a wider walk through width is clear. Two narrower , door leaves connected via a rotating joint section fold back on themselves to provide a wider walk through width.


When used as a double door arrangement, the walk through width is as wide as can be.


This is the reason these door types are popular. When the need arises, there is often no way to better of achieving the widest walk through for that entrance.


These units can be face fixed to the inside of an opening , or in-line, fitted between the walls of an opening.


We have 2 standard sizes available for speed of production or we can produce these to your dimensions and sizes as required.


The standard sized units are available in 4 - 5 weeks, while the purpose made , bespoke sizes are available in 5 - 6 weeks.



Folding doors for commercial entrance doors
Aluminium Bi folding doors for commercial properties

On the left - Face fixed on the inside of the structural opening

On the right - In line fixed on the inside of the structural opening

Automatic bi folding door draft seals
the brush seal options under an automatic bi folding doors
Bifolding doors to fit between an opening
Automatic bi folding doors face fixed across an opening
Aluminium bi folding door specifications
automatic aluminium doors that have a 100% clean health & safety record
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Aluminium doors for McDonalds

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