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Drive through windows & Automatic opening systems for drive through windows

Once you have our new running track and carriage bracket  system for your drive thru windows, then you can have the windows automated.


This is then the same equipment that is used on full size entrance doors, so is specifically designed to last and be highly efficient and very durable.  Combine this and the fact that the windows that these systems are operating are much smaller and lighter than full size entrance doors and these things will last a long time.


The video shown here is a case study of two different restaurants that have these automatic drive thru systems fitted and shows how they work, how the staff use them and how the look from the outside as the customers see them.


























Virtually all restaurants can accept this new & improved drive thru window system To find out if your restaurant can accept this new system, elevate your hygiene levels to new heights, remove all the effort from opening windows with hands full of food & products and add a new level of professionalism that we haven’t seen at drive thru windows, then call us to arrange a survey and we will advise you of exactly what you need.


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