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Drive through windows & options for improvements

Are your drive through lane windows too close together?



The safest, tougest automatic and manual aluminium doors for commercial premises

Could you use just a little extra distance between the windows?


Maybe enough to get the first car at the collect window and there still be enough room for a second car behind at the cash window?


  • Speed up your service
  • Reduce delivery times
  • Reduce Queue times
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Traditional centralised Bi Parting windows, work just fine, but what if you have restricted distance between the windows?

Changing to single sliding windows, allows the opening to be situated to one end of the booth, giving the vehicles in the lane more distance between each car.

Automatic drive thru windows for McDonalds restaurants
New aluminium drive thru windows for McDonalds

Standard Bi Parting windows

Alternative single sliding windows

All booth types can be changed from Bi parting aluminium windows, to single sliding windows. Handing can be from right to left or left to right, the choice is yours.


We can remove the aluminium setup that you have a we will manufacture a complete new insert to go back in its place to suit your requirements.


We can change a flush fitted window or a canopied window to suit.


Call for a survey and costing. and we will work out how much extra space you can achieve between the windows.


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